Some of the things people have to say about us and our dogs.


Stephanie Gutierrez
02/22/2013 8:27am

Wolf Plain Brook GSP's are full of talent, beauty and brains! My husband and I own Diesel from the Sally X Maverick litter. He's wonderful and calm in the house and excels in the field. I've never handled a dog that has so much intelligence and drive - he just "get's it" and knows what he's supposed to do in the field. His temperament is outstanding and is a joy to have as a member of our family. We look forward to shooting MANY birds over him and competing with him in 2013.

Jeremy Goldsmith
03/06/2013 9:09am

My wife and I are very proud to have a pup also from the Sally X Maverick litter named Jackson. He is our first bird dog so we didn't know exactly what we were getting into, but I have to say we could not have picked a better breeder, breed and litter. I took him out in the field with a good friend at 10 weeks old to begin his exposure to birds. It was evident within minutes that he had the nose, intensity and drive of a truly versatile bird dog. Since then we have trained regularly and entered him in puppy and derby stakes at field trials and are halfway through his Junior Hunter qualification. He has already developed into a fine young man in the field and loves nothing more to be out hunting for birds with me. This summer and full we will be entering him in gun dog states and finishing his JH.

Around the house he is a loving and cuddly member of our family. Whereas in the field he loves to run in front of me working, at home he prefers to snuggle up next to us on the sofa. He has a great future in the field and at home and we are so proud, lucky and happy to have him!

Anna Duffy
03/08/2013 6:30pm

I have had the pleasure of working with Jenn and Dennis at field trails for several years now. They are great people with great dogs. Over the years of watching their dogs work in the field, I became very fond of Tucker in many different ways. He is very talented in the field and has a 10 for personality. I ended up breeding my bitch Paige to him and had 13 puppies. I had my heart set on not keeping one while I was doing the breeding because it was not the right time in my life. However, I feel in love with the great personalities of these puppies and their natural abilities to hunt. They have great desire, temperaments, and conformation. I ended up keeping a male and look forward to field trialing him this Spring.

Bob Cook
03/11/2013 11:02am

In 2007 I first met Dennis and Jen who had purchased a beautiful black Shorthair named Sally. As we spent time with her in the field it became apparent that she was exceptional. I told Dennis this and the results speak for it self. Dennis and Jen campained this wonderful dog to the extraordinary title holder that she is today.On September 11,2008 Wolf Plain Brooks Gabrial was born from the SallyXB Dock Beacon litter,and it was love at first sight for me.
This pup demonstrated tremendous field intelligence ,a nose that won"t quit and tremendous prey drive.His 62 pound,muscular frame ,coupled with a glossy liver coat makes him very eye catching. His intense points and love of the water makes him a joy to be with in the field.
He went through his NAVDA testing,JH and SR qualification with a heads up stylish manner.He is a happy go lucky around the home(loves the couch ) yet turns on when in the field. He is a very adept tracker and will retrieve birds (land or water)that most of my friends felt were impossible to find.I was a grand prize winner when I met Dennis ,Jen,Sally,and Gabe

Dan Czarniak
03/16/2013 9:29am

I got my boy Cooper from Jen and Dennis from their Sally/ Fritz Breeding. He was my first GSP and I was not quite sure what to expect or how I was to train my new ball of energy. Jen and Dennis were always available for my every question and so very helpful guiding me and Cooper each step of the way. I joined My local NAVHDA chapter and we were off . Cooper proved to extremely biddable, with an unbelievable nose and very smart,(sometimes too smart). He earned a max score of 112 in his NA test and then onto a prize 1 in his Utility test.Now we are working on going to the invitational in Sept. I'm still learning everyday as a handler/trainer owner but Cooper has been a joy each step of the way.

Jim Piantedosi
03/20/2013 9:42am

When I started looking for a field trial prospect a few years ago, I found myself talking to Jen about their dogs. I settled on a pup from their pairing of Sally and Maverick. My boy Moose has been used as both a trial dog as well as hunting wild quail. Moose learned fast and aimed to please.

Jen and Dennis are top notch and their dogs speak for them selves. I was extremely happy with Jen's involvement as I worked to pick a pup out of a litter from 1000miles away. She did a wonderful job of knowing what I was looking for and helping to pair me up with a great dog.

Audra Jaconetti
05/07/2013 2:14pm

Having had Vizslas for so long, it was a long thought out decision to get a GSP. We knew we wanted a dog that was intelligent, athletic, hard charging in the field...yet willing to work with us in training. We found exactly that when we got Sieben (Sally x Tucker) from Dennis and Jen. It has been an amazing journey for us, and we look forward to much success and happiness with this very special dog! Thank you Dennis and Jen for bringing us into your GSP family!


I talked with Jennifer for about an hour in regrauds to a Raven Pup in the future. I was very impressed that she took all that time out of her day to answer all my questions. I appreciate that very much. It sound like you guys are doing some great things out there. Can't wait to get my pup in the spring or summer of 2014. Thanks again.

10/25/2013 6:57am

Dennis and Jen have been producing some of the East Coasts finest Field Trial GSPs. Their dogs have the drive and desire we need to run in this very competitive circuit, NAVHDA and Hunt Tests too. Our talented puppy ZAPPER (Maverick X Sally) is well on her way to top standings in the NAVHDA realm, as well as AKC Master Hunt Tests.
Biddable, fast to learn, driven, no quit attitudes, are the best descriptives for the product they produce, all with snuggly manners around the house. Great Job folks, send me another DOZEN!


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